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August 22, 2012
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As normal, you were sitting in your bedroom on a late Saturday night. Nothing good was on your small TV from the 1990's that only got cable and could only play VCR tapes, and your Gamecube just broke so you couldn't play Super Smash Bros Melee. You walked over to your desk and turned on your computer, opening up to your homescreen with a picture of the Vocaloids on it. Your favorite Vocaloid in the world was Kagamine Len, and no one could change that. Opening up the Internet, you went onto Deviantart to check your messages, because you haven't checked on them in such a long time. Looking through all of the deviantations, one had a picture of Kagamine Len with a sign above his head saying, 'Download Me!' Immedately, you clicked on it without thinking twice and downloaded it. Suddenly, your computer glitched and crashed. Sighing, you just walk over to your bed, crawl under your covers and drift off to sleep.

~next morning

"Good Morning!" says a voice in a melodic tone. You sit up and see Kagamine Len sleeping right next to you.

"HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE YOU EXIST!!" You shout, and he puts his hand over your mouth.

"Wow, your loud. Let me properly introduce myself. I am Kagamine Len, or Len for short."

"Nice to meet you Len, I'm _____ _____.  I have a few questions for you."

"Ask away!" He exclaims

"First of all, how did you get here?"

"Well you downloaded me, and I'm here!"

"Okay then, that covers everything. Starting today you are my new best friend!"

"Yay! My first friend who is not a program! What should we do first as friends?"

"How about I show you around where I live?" You say, walking over to your dresser and pulling out some clean clothes to change into.

"Okay Then!" He says, pulling you into a tight hug. You cheeks are dusted pink.

"But first, I need to change. You wait outside my room." You mutter rather loudly so he can here you, and then push him out of your room and lock the door.

"No fair ______!" He shouts as he pounds on your door. You quickly change into a pair of black jeans and a yellow t-shirt. Grabbing your purse, you open the door and Len falls on top of you.

"Sorry ______." He says, getting up and pulling you up also. "N-no problem." You stutter while your face gets hot. "Let's get going." He grabs your arm and the two of you walk out of your house. Luckily, your parents are gone on a business trip for a week. While walking down the street, you and Len get strange looks from all of the people in your neighborhood. You are a little creeped out by their faces while Len is all smiley and happy. While walking down the street Len asks you what seems to be like a billion questions.

"Whats that? Who is that? What time is it-"

"Len, can you ask questions later? Im trying to walk downtown."


After reaching downtown, we walk into the local cafe and sit down at your regular table with Len across from you. He picks up a menu and begins to read it, and a few minutes later Elizabeta comes and takes your order.

"Hallo _____!" Elizabeta says with a smile. "And who is this?"

"Elizabeta, this is my friend Len. Len, meet my Friend Eliza." you say, Introducing Len to her.

"Nice to meet you Elizabeta." Len says calmy.

"Well, can I get you something to eat?" She asks, getting her notepad out.

"Yes! We'll Have..."

~Time Skip~

"Len thanks for the wonderful time downtown today!" you say, throwing your bags on the bed and sitting down, reaching for your phone.

"Your welcome _______." He says, taking a chair right across from you. Unlocking your iphone, you see 1 new message from your friend Lilli."


Hey I moved my ball to tonight at 8pm!

Remember to dress formal and show up with a date!!!

Love, Lilli~

"Len, do you know how to sew?" you ask, walking out to your closet and pulling out a sewing machine and some black and yellow fabric.

"Yes! of course! Wait why?" He asks you, standing up.

"We have some outfits to make for a ball tonight."

~Time Skip~

"Len? I need your help lacing up my dress!" you shout from the bathroom, attempting to lace the back up.

"______ I'll help!" He says, coming into the room in his tuxedo, starting to lace up the back. "So when does the ball start?"

"It starts in..." You start, glancing over at the wall clock."Right now! We need to go!"

Grabbing his hand, you slide on your heels and the two of you run down the street to your friend lilli's house. Knocking on the large wooden door, her personal butler Sebastian opens the door.

"Hello there Miss ______." He says, his red eyes studying the two of you. "The party is in the back. Have a nice evening."

"Thank you Sebby~" you say, walking to the back, where a large ballroom is.

"It's quite beautiful, isn't it?" Len says, smiling at you.

"It's amazing!"

"_____, would you like to dance?" He says, bowing and taking your right hand in his.

"Yes, of course!" You say blushing."

He holds up your right hand, and he puts his left on your waist and you puts your left on his shoulder. You glide onto the dance floor and dance for what seems like hours on end.

"_____?" Len says, staring into your eyes.

"Yes Len?"

"I love you." He whispers, softly kissing you on the lips. You suprisingly kiss back and blush like crazy.

"I love you too."



Uwaaaah Finally another request......... for :tomatoesarefruits: I think...
I tried my best to add fluff... I hope its okay....
Off to write more requests... yay.
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Iluvkarkitty Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
Did you really just sneak in a black butler reference? That makes the story a bit better though, so don't worry I'm not hating on your story
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omfg i've never blushed this much sense reading my first lemon ... wait yes i have about 2 hours ago
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..... Hetalia, Vocaloid, and Black Butler references~ Perfect!
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Hungary...Leichtenstein....Bassy..........Have you been fandom surfing again?.....
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And... Sebby, aren't you in the wrong fanfiction…?
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lol len kagamine and sebastian michaelis best story ever ^-^
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